Local energy systems

Together with an alliance of three Dutch distribution service operators; Alliander, Enexis and Stedin, we are looking for innovative and/or collaborative solutions for tackling (parts of) the challenge of creating resilient local energy systems, while focusing on creating value for all stakeholders and society in a fair way.
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‎27/6/2021 12:13 PM
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Managed by Caroline Loeffen
launched on ‎20/5/2021 12:00 AM
Challenge details:

General information

Local energy systems aim to “add” a local layer to the electricity grid which locally matches electricity supply with demand. We welcome any solutions or services with the potential of contributing to the realization of such a system. Key stakeholders include energy companies, local energy users, local energy producers, distribution system operators, the transmission system operators, municipalities and society.


The system should be able to cope with unexpected situations, such as changes in demand, supply or a high voltage grid failure

  • A proven solution
  • Applicable for the Dutch energy grid ​
  • Meets the Dutch DSO design criteria – Reliable, Safe and Accessible to everyone


Due to the shift in energy generation from top-down to a multi directional system, electricity flows are constantly changing. This creates challenges for the Dutch energy grid. At this point, the grid is not fully prepared for these future changes in demand that can potentially knock the system out of balance.

Creating local energy systems where energy is generated and consumed locally could serve as a potential solution for this problem. Existing local energy system examples operate and optimize energy flows on a local level, with challenges in domains like pricing, and distributing the benefits to different stakeholders. Optimally balancing individual local energy systems versus connecting these systems to the grid will result in a more stable, affordable and futureproof system.

Next steps

After the deadline the challenge owners will review the applications and select the top applicants for a virtual selection day beginning of July. During this selection day the selected applicants will get the chance to present their solution with representatives of Stedin, Alliander & Enexis. Afterwards, the top candidate(s) for the challenge may be invited to participate in a pilot to test their solution in the field with one or multiple participating firms.

Challenge owners

This challenge is a collaboration between three Dutch distribution grid operators; Stedin, Alliander and Enexis.