Accelerating the Energy Transition with Zero-Emission

Facing an eightfold increase in middle voltage and fiftyfold in low voltage networks in seven years, Stedin seeks innovative, sustainable tech solutions to expand electricity grids with zero emissions. Join us in redefining how we make and upgrade energy infrastructure for a cleaner future.
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‎31/5/2024 11:59 PM
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Managed by Nick Mastenbroek
launched on ‎1/4/2024 12:00 AM
Challenge details:

Challenge overview:

The energy transition is swiftly advancing. For Stedin, this means we have to expand our networks significantly to keep pace with demand. The middle voltage network's workload is set to increase eightfold in seven years, while the low voltage network is expected to grow fiftyfold over a similar period. Such increases require an unprecedented acceleration of our processes and innovation in how we do things. That’s why we’re seeking technological solutions that have worked either inside the sector or in other industries, that are smart, feasible, and sustainable and will help us remove, or reduce, emissions when we lay and upgrade local electricity grids.


The challenge unpacked:

With a public mission to uphold and our role as a system leader, we feel an obligation to guide the sector toward a zero-emission future. On a practical level, we are navigating the stringent emission limits imposed by agreements like the Climate Agreement, Clean Air Agreement, and the Nitrogen Approach Program. Our operations are already pushing against these limits, leading to delays and, in some cases, cancellations of projects. This is not simply an obstacle; it's an imperative for smarter, cleaner methods of working. The biggest impact is expected to be found in ways to reduce, remove, and replace transport and excavation, where the brunt of emissions is created.


Seeking solutions for:

  • Creative approaches or concepts around preventing excavation and transport that rethink current methods, leading to significant emissions reductions.
  • Low-emission or emission-free excavation machinery to revolutionize our grid expansion.
  • Electric vehicles and equipment designed for robust network growth that push the boundaries of operating time and range.
  • Strategies that fast-track adoption of existing electric alternatives in our operations or the market.
  • Methods for capturing emitted carbon.


Why it matters:

This challenge is about more than infrastructure; it’s about championing a zero-emission approach that may shape the energy sector. Solutions that emerge from this challenge will not only address immediate operational needs but also set a precedent for environmental responsibility.


About Stedin:

Stedin operates a crucial part of the Netherlands' energy infrastructure, connecting millions of homes and businesses to reliable power. Help us ensure that we can keep the lights on and provide the electricity needed for a successful energy transition, without unnecessary emissions in the process.


Join us:

If you’re motivated by the challenge of driving the energy sector towards a cleaner future, we want to collaborate with you. Your expertise could provide the key to unlocking new levels of sustainability in energy infrastructure. Join us in forging the path to a zero-emissions reality. 


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