Open Data - Predicting future energy supply & demand

Together with an alliance of three Dutch distribution service operators; Alliander, Enexis and Stedin, we are looking for solutions that can help better simulate grid load based on customer profiles and predictions on short (0-3 year), mid (4-9 year) and long (>10 year) term.
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‎22/6/2021 12:00 PM
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Managed by Caroline Loeffen
launched on ‎21/5/2021 12:00 AM
Challenge details:

General information

Energy consumption is increasing due to the energy transition and electrification (e.g. electric vehicles, use of heat pumps, electric cooking, etc.). Furthermore, energy is increasingly being generated on a decentral level by PV panels. These trends combined create complex energy consumption profiles that are difficult to predict. Therefore, we are looking for solutions that help DSOs in predicting customer consumption based on the underlying behaviour and intent. These customer insights can support in optimizing the energy system and maintaining a stable and reliable energy system. ​

Some potential (not limited) lines of thought are: ​

  • Which external data sources influencing energy consumption and supply, can help us simulate consumer behaviour on a small scale (PC4) and how can it help to predict future supply and demand?​
  • Can we identify customer behaviour patterns in energy consumption and show how this varies between groups of customers? For example, is a certain customer group more likely to buy energy management solutions? ​
  • Can we identify patterns in (groups of) customers that are more likely to choose solutions increasing demand or supply of electricity on a specific location such as solar panels, electric vehicles, solar boilers, heat pumps or air conditioners etc?​


  • A proven solution
  • Applicable for the Dutch market
  • GDPR compliant

Next steps

The challenge owners will select the top applicants, who will be invited for a virtual selection day. The top applicants will get the chance to share their solution with representatives of Stedin, Alliander & Enexis. Afterwards, the top candidate(s) for the challenge may be invited to participate in a pilot to test their solution in the field with one or multiple participating firms.

Challenge owners

This challenge is a collaboration between three Dutch distribution grid operators; Stedin, Alliander and Enexis.