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Rethinking Energy - Open Call

Do you have a top notch solution to accelerate the energy transition? Submit your proven solution here and we might be able to match you with on the future challenges of our customers!
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‎31/7/2023 11:59 PM
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Managed by Caroline Loeffen
launched on ‎6/7/2021 12:00 AM
Challenge details:

Are you a frontrunner in the energy transition? Do you have a solution a which can help accelerate the energy transition? We're constantly looking for the top notch innovation that can support our customers in their challenges in this transition. Do you want to be on our list? Submit your company and solution information here, so we might be able to match your idea with future challenges!

The platform has been initiated in order to help accelerate the Energy Transition by connecting companies in the energy sector to proven solutions for their innovation challenges. nlmtd and TNW collaborate to connect these challenges to the best global solutions, reducing the need for expensive internal developments.

By leveraging the best tech solutions from around the world and avoiding internal development efforts, you unlock the following benefits:
1- LOWER COST of innovation, as you avoid inventing a wheel
2- SHORTER TIME of innovation, as you integrate working solutions
3- LOWER RISK of innovation, as you work with proven components or solutions

By learning together we can accelerate the energy transition.
Want to know more about the process view the about us page - or contact us if you want to learn how you can engage!

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