Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. What is Rethinking Energy?

The energy transition is an urgent challenge that we're facing together. Many identical transition challenges are found around the world – instead of starting from scratch, we can leverage proven solutions to save time. That's rethinking energy - open (collaborative) innovation program to speed up energy transition and solve challenges with global solutions.

2. I'm a corporate, why choose Rethinking Energy?

Despite the massive challenges we face in the energy transition, we waste time and budget by each developing own solutions, and not leveraging existing solutions. With this program we help you find the solutions that are already out there alone or together with industry partners.

3. I'm a solution provider, why should I apply for a Rethinking Energy challenge?

The energy transition is challenging and we are dedicated to support this change. We know that there are innovations out there solving our biggest challenges that's why we're looking for you! We want to help you grow and find new customers to make the change together.

4. How do I know if there is a new challenge?

To stay posted on future Rethinking Energy challenges, please have a look at our website regularly or follow nlmtd on LinkedIn.

5. Does Rethinking Energy require my company to travel?

No, the program is run fully virtual.

6. Can I apply if I applied before?

Yes, past applicants are open to join a future challenge again.

7. Do you provide feedback to applicants that were not selected for a challenge?

Unfortunately, we don’t. Due to the high number of applications we receive for each challenge, we are not able to provide individual feedback.

8. I have more questions. Where can I find answers?

Please reach out to

Scouting Process and Timelines

1. What's nlmtd's role in the scouting and selection process?

nlmtd maintains an objective role throughout the program and solely acts as the ecosystem orchestrator and facilitator of the process. The actual selection of the solutions is done by the customer and not influenced by nlmtd in any form or shape.

2. What's TNW's role in the scouting and selection process?
TNW is our tech ecosystem and scouting partner and supports us in finding world's best solutions.

3. I just applied for a challenge, what will happen next? (Specific Challenge - Not the open call)

First, nlmtd will confirm the receipt of your application via email. After the actual application deadline expires, all applications will be shared with the customer who will select 3-5 solutions with the best problem-solution fit based on predefined selection criteria. nlmtd will then invite those companies to the Selection Day to virtually demo their solutions to the customer.

4. When do I receive information about whether i'm selected or not?

Typically within two to three weeks after the application deadline expires, we always let applicants know whether they were selected for the Selection Day, or not

5. What is a Selection Day?

During Selection Day, 3-5 solutions get the opportunity to showcase and demo their solutions to key stakeholders of the customer, followed by Q&A. The goal of Selection Day is that the customer chooses one solution for a 100-day pilot.

6. What could be the outcome of Selection Day?

The goal of Selection Day is to determine the winner of the challenge and start shaping the following 100-day pilot between the customer and the solution provider. However, a few other scenarios are possible, too.

  • One solution has been selected for a 100-day pilot
  • No solution has been selected yet due to delays on the customer side
  • Additional due-diligence and questions are necessary to make a decision  
  • No solution will be selected for a 100-day pilot

7. How many companies do you select for the selection day?

Our customer chooses the solution providers for Selection Day, that typically consists of 3-5 companies that deep dive their solution on the same day to the team. Of course, this could change depending on the preferences of the client.